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Heffner Oil (Heffner) manufactures Guaiacwood essential oil from leftover material after sustainable industrial lumbering of the Palo Santo tree (Bulnesia sarmientoi) in Chaco, Argentina. Creating more value from sustainable harvesting of Palo Santo trees reduces landowner incentive for deforestation to clear land for other crops.

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Heffner Oil is focused on producing the highest quality of two products: Guaiacwood
oil and Hydrosol Aromatic Water.

Our Story

Creating The Best Organic Products Since 2003

Guaiacwood oil is used as fragrance for cosmetics manufacturers and as a topical treatment in herbal medicine.  The aroma is earthy and slightly floral and used as a base note fixative by makers of cosmetics, soap, candles and perfume. Guaiacwood has been used for centuries to provide a tranquil grounding aroma for meditation practices and wellness ceremonies by Native Americans.  The oil is also beneficial for skin hydration, anti-inflammatory care and to treat burns and other irritations.


100% Organic

Sourcing of Sustainably Harvested Raw Materials

Palo Santo (Bulnesia sarmientoi) trees are harvested in Chaco, Argentina by small family landowners and producers under government supervision.  Government surveyors inventory Palo Santo trees before harvest to identify those that may be cut, ensuring a sustainable remaining stock for regrowth. After harvest, the government confirms compliance and marks cut trees before shipment, allowing sawmills to know that incoming wood has been legally harvested.  Heartwood from tree trunks is exported for manufacture of flooring and other products.  Heffner manufactures Guaiacwood essential oil from leftover smaller branches and broken pieces of heartwood that would otherwise not be commercialized or used to manufacture coal.  As a multigenerational  native of Chaco, Heffner has strong relationships with Palo Santo producers and supports local university programs to improve harvest sustainability and value for the native landowners.

No Palo Santo trees are harvested to make Heffner’s Guaiacwood oil.  Heffner exclusively uses leftover forest material not commercialized by lumbering (branches, defective lumber) that would otherwise be burned or go to waste from regulated Palo Santo harvests certified by international authorities.

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