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The Highest Quality Guaiacwood oil in the world

At Heffner Essential Oils, our passion for quality, sustainability and excellence drives us to lead the essential oils industry, and we are dedicated to providing our customers with the purest and most authentic Guaiacwood oil available on the market.


100% Organic



Guaiacwood Oil is available in bulk 5 kg containers. Smaller or larger quantities may be provided by prior agreement. Delivery may be made ex-factory or to the clients facility according to needs of the customer. Examples of the gas chromatography analysis of a typical Guaicwood oil produced by our facility may be found here



Hydrosol aromatic water produced in the steam distillation process is available for purchase in bulk quantities. The water contains between 0.02% a 0.05% Guaiacwood oil and product intensity may be customized according to client request. More intense aromas come from water in the first extraction of Guaiacwood oil and the aroma lessens as oil
extraction continues.

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