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We Have One Goal

To Provide the Highest Quality Guaiacwood Oil

Heffner oil uses a proprietary steam distillation process to extract the purest Guaiacwood oil available in the market. Waldo Heffner, CEO of the company is an industrial chemist who has dedicated more than 10 years to developing a technique to extract Guaiacwood oil from the Palo Santo tree.  Heffner does not produce other essential oils and is focused only on creating the highest quality Guaiacwood oil.   Heffner is the only producer of Palo Santo essential oil in Argentina and has created privileged relationships with wood producers for supply of the best Palo Santo organic material.

Our History

Waldo Heffner founded the company in 2003 in the garage of his home in Presidencia Roque Saenz Pena, Chaco, Argentina.  Using his experience as an industrial chemist and second-hand equipment, he assembled an initial steam distillation unit and refined the extraction process.  After years of experimentation in 2018 he began commercial production of 1000 kg/month with sales to Argentina cosmetics manufacturers and export to European customers.

In 2023, Heffner began construction of a new production facility with 7000 kg/month capacity that will open in early 2024.

Focused on Product Quality

At Heffner Oil, our mission is to offer the purest and highest quality Guaiacwood oil on the market, thanks to our proprietary steam distillation process. Founded by Waldo Heffner, a leading industrial chemist with over 10 years of experience extracting Guaiacwood oil from the Palo Santo tree, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and
ensuring that all of the organic material from sustainable harvesting of the Palo Santo tree is put to good use. Heffner Oil only produces Guaiacwood essential oil allowing us to focus on creating the best and most sustainable source of this beautiful essence.

Waldo Heffner : He was born and raised in Chaco, Argentina.

This country has given me a lifetime to appreciate the diversity of its flora and fauna. I am convinced that products sourced from nature have much untapped potential for human benefit, and that giving these products value can help sustain our forests. By giving value to the whole tree when sustainably harvested, we reduce incentives to clear land for crop production. I have dedicated my life to creating the worlds finest Guaiacwood oil for this purpose.

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